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Ankle brace for sport Orthopedic ankle supports medical ankle braces and ankle braces for acute and chronic ankle injuries and ankle pain

Push Care Ankle Brace

The Push Care Ankle Brace provides pressure around the ankle joint, thus improving the stability of the joint. This pressure offered by these support braces can be adjusted as and when the need arises.

The ankle brace fits perfectly and can be worn in practically any shoe. So-called comfort zones of padded material have been created around vulnerable areas of the ankle.


  • Slight distortions
  • Slight capsule irritations
  • Slight ankle instability (under light stress)
  • Arthrosis without instability



Push Med Ankle Brace

The Push Med Ankle Brace provides for long-term support of the ankle joint and can be used for a wide range of cases and conditions. The brace is based on the principle of the functional tape bandage. The degree of pressure and pronation/supination limits is adjustable and a silicone application ensures good position retention.

There are
comfort zones around vulnerable parts of the ankle, such as Achilles’ tendon.  These medical braces are comfortable to wear and easy to use, also due to the wide instep and an integrated heel-lock.


  • Moderate (residual) instability (under moderate stress)
  • Treatment of acute lateral ankle ligament lesions (alternative to taping)
  • Treatment of stable ankle fractures (Weber type A with isolated fracture of the lateral malleolus)
  • Follow-up treatment of ankle fractures (incl. Jones fracture)
  • Postoperative treatment of ligament injuries or fractures
  • Capsular irritation and tendonitis following ankle fracture or ligament lesions
  • Arthrosis with instability
  • Secondary prevention of ankle ligament lesions (under moderate stress with accumulation of fluid)
  • Football ankle
  • Impingement (capsular clamping; anterior and posterior)



Push Ortho Ankle Orthosis Aequi

The Push Aequi is an effective ankle orthosis which strikes a balance between efficient mechanical support of a disabled ankle and good wearer comfort. The rigid support is situated exclusively on the medial side of the ankle and has a cavity for the malleolus. The lateral side is made from preformed foam, which easily adapts to the individual anatomy. The orthosis is fastened by means of a diagonal strap. The elastic straps apply pressure around the ankle.
The Push Aequi can be used in the functional treatment of ankle injuries and as a long-term support in cases of chronic ankle instability. Inversion/eversion movement is
restricted while plantar/dorsal flexion allows adequate freedom. This means that no inhibition is felt during normal walking and running with these orthopaedic braces. The Push Aequi is worn over the sock,
and optimal stabilisation can only be achieved if it is worn with a closed (laced-up) shoe.


  • Serious (residual) instability (under high stress)
  • Treatment of acute lateral ankle ligament lesions
  • Follow-up treatment of conservative or operated ankle fractures
  • Arthrosis with instability without accumulation of fluid
  • Secondary prevention of ankle ligament lesions (under high stress without accumulation of fluid)



Push med Aequi flex Left (Size 1)

BRAND NEW - the Push med Aequi flex
For many years the Push Ortho Aequi has proven its value amongst medical professionals and patients. Now, the Push med Aequi flex has been added to the Push med profile of braces. The pateneded priciple (used with the Orhto Aequi) of a medial anchor as a reinforced shell in combination with a non-elastic strap has obviously been kept in the newly designed Aequi flex.
Where the Push ortho Aequi is particularly effecient for durable use in cases of chronic instability or in sports, Push Aequi flex is very distinctive in its added padding that applies pressure to the entire affected area. The Push med Aequi flex is very effective in the treatement of (sub) acute ankle injuries.


  • Treatment of acute lateral ankle ligament lesions
  • Follow-up treatment of conservative or operated ankle fractures
  • Serious (residual) instability
  • Secondary prevention of ankle ligament lesions 



PSB Ankle Brace

The PSB Ankle Brace is unique in that it does not inhibit normal movement while providing optimal support for the ankle joint. Less bulky than a tradtional brace the PSB Ankle Brace fits perfectly in sports shoes and combines well with shin pads.

These sports braces have been used by the British Davis Cup tennis team and were described by their physiotherapist Mark Bender as:
" Excellent brace systems! The Davis Cup Medical team were very impressed with the quality and function in such a  lightweight and slim fitting design"



PSB Ankle Brace 8

BRAND NEW - PSB Ankle Brace 8 is suitable for all sporting activities where there is an increased risk of ankle sprain (instability) or mild pain complaints. It is also ideally suited for athletes who have a need for extra support during their sporting activities.

PSB Ankle Brace 8 differs from the PSB Ankle Brace as it can also be used in sports activities where shoes are not worn.



Push Ortho Aequi Ankle Brace Junior

The brand new Push ortho Ankle Brace Aequi Junior (or simply Aequi Junior) strikes a good balance between effective mechanical support and good wearer comfort for cases of (sub-)acute or chronic ankle injury.

The brace was launched in January 2014 and is specifically designed for children of 6 to 12 years of age (with shoe sizes of approximately 30-36 (EUR)).

The Aequi Junior stabilises the ankle joint during inversion as well as eversion and in both neutral and flexed positions. The freedom of dorsal and plantar flexion is sufficiently maintained to allow normal walking.

Optimal functioning of the brace is achieved when it is worn in a sturdy (lace-up) shoe.

  • Acute ankle ligament lesions; both inversion and eversion trauma
  • Stabilisation of conservatively or operatively treated ankle fractures
  • (Residual) instability
  • Secondary prevention of ankle ligament lesions



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