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Lightweight sports brace for thumb protection and CMC joint osteoarthritis

New Push CMC Thumb Brace

A brand new CMC thumb brace designed and developed by eminent hand therapists Judy Colditz and Nettie Koekebakker.

CMC-1 osteoarthritis is a common thumb disorder. It is a type of ‘wear and tear’ of the articular cartilage, affecting in particular people between 40 and 60 years of age.The Push CMC is a slim and compact product. The brace can be used in the water. Hygiene is important around the hand. Therefore the synthetic material is antibacterial and the brace can be washed in a washing machine at 40°.

The Push CMC was especially developed for application with the following indications:
• CMC-1 osteoarthritis
• Postoperatively after arthroplasty of the CMC-1 joint
• Instability of the CMC-1 joint




PSB Thumb Brace

The thumb brace is designed to prevent injury to the thumb by backward or sideward movement. A common injury in skiing, these sports braces are also useful in ball sports e.g. rugby, basketball, etc. Measure under the knuckles and choose left or right.



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